Sunday, October 19, 2008

WHY? entrepreneurs exists... threat or boon?

I ask this question to myself; a thought flashed, piercing the silence and peace of my mind. Contradictions and contrasts, I don't ask to agree with it or even read it. It's for ME...this voice that drives the ego and the internal combustion engine is the reason this bread of species exits. It's not early to come to this conclusion; it is inconvincible.
There is this person who is trying to earn his bread and butter by whatever means he can. He wants to survive and reproduce. Is there any other reason... he's of no good! he should be damned, he's selfish; the other guys said in the crowd. An old man came forward, replied to the crowd, by doing so he's solving social problems, providing you employment and in the process earning for himself and his family. All were convinced by the wisdom of this old man, and understood the reason behind such an endeavor as social causes.
Business is not just about making MONEY. It's more or less about HIS Values that HE brings to HIS business, about HIS belief and principles, that are rational and personal; and may NOT represent the crowd and he don't want to get convinced by any such reason given by the old man. It all make no sense to him!
Ask this question to that guy, why he wants to do a job? Why he want to service for that big brand that he takes pride in calling himself being associated with it, and saying...I work for...! What he stands for? For whom he is really working for? Don't you get it, he's offered a handsome amount of offer by other BIG BROTHER, now, what makes him stick to his job or leave for this offer. We don't question this behavior where it's understood he should be with the well flourishing company and with highly paid offer. Why than they are questioned when they provide the pink slip? It's the relationship well understood but poorly acknowledged as a society.
Here, a person is an individual representing his enterprise. He's a part of society, which works for this person. The person should be obliged to hire them for work as it has provided an opportunity to grow as an enterprise; what if everyone in the society goes to represent himself as an enterprise! It is this cost he should pay back by being benevolent.
When he pronounce it and make it loud and clear about the reason of his existence, it's condemned by the group as anti-social. But, same act by a society is said as cultural shift.
HE EXISTS for HIMSELF, similar to that guy leaving his company for other big offer! We don't ask for the reasons where it's obvious. BUT, raise eyebrow over his individual judgment, that was followed in obedience. He suddenly becomes threat to them when he was boon to them few moments back.
"Altruism is the most dangerous weapon and it is somehow connected to Open economy and standards. It's NOT monopoly of a greedy entrepreneur or communist to be afraid off, but of selfless motives of altruist who takes no credit for his work!"
- Bhaskar Mangal

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Empowered Individual is the real asset!

I STRONGLY believe that that instead of putting weight on content commercialization for educational purpose (school, universities, corporates), create talent pool through knowledge transfer. Empowered Individual is the real asset!
Many e-Learning firms are sprouting and building there business on selling content at premium prices. It's similar to the scenario of proprietary and open source software. When software industry has build successful businesses around open source software, replicating it in e-Learning industry may not be a big challenge, that software industry has faced initially; but it won't be a piece of cake either. On the other hand, it can me more daunting in finding ways in generating revenue.
In general, their revenue model is based on the value added services like packaging, support and consulting and not through licensing their software. There's an exception in case of dual licensing.
Q. How can the same can be replicated for e-Learning industry?
Q. What kind of value added service can be developed for content creation and distribution?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Internet has evolved over time as an Interactive Platform from a mere content provider. Down the line, different people have tried to exploit it by coming up with beautiful concepts that has changed the way WE INTERACT over web, create and share content like online Desktop, online office, online web conferencing, online web application development and list goes on.
When everything is going online there are growing concern about the privacy and security issues, also, the nuisance of remembering all those user names and passwords. Initiative like that of OpenID sure will need some time to reach to ever increasing online user base. On the contrary, single sign on is much sought technology in use.
At the same time, what about those sites at which you have registered and created a profile on it, only to find that its not exciting and stop using it. So, what happens to your profile on the site? Many of the sites do not provide option for closing an account, so it remains as a junk on that server. Even if you close this account (I mean previously registered username), sometimes the same account can be created (I would say renewed) under different Identity( that is by different person or through different e-mail id). For this user may choose not to close such accounts.
Online created content too add to the same chaos. Different technologies and innovative products have come up over time to empower users in the generation of multimedia and text content. Here, innovation lies in ways to capture content and linking the content to the user and sharing among user groups.
But, the future lies in connecting user to the content in a context and sharing the context with the interests of the other user. For example, you are interested in purchasing IPhone from any online store and you want to take the feedback of the users. It can be visualized as; you connected to different users in the context, who have purchased it or have experienced using it. Currently, you can take feedback from the user group of the online store that uses it. But, the context sharing will let you see relevant people among your other social networks or let you connect to other people in a contextual manner to create a logical network, I would say "virtual social network" that exists only within the scope of context.

In the recent times, content sharing have seen some radical changes. Now you can carry this content along with you, say using url, through HTML embedding code. Online life has become better place with RSS. It's a way to get updates to which you have subscribed (following the content on the web). It works by linking contents from different sources to you through readers; but not by linking you to different contents that you create. One can argue RSS do provide a work around for that, by subscribing to your contents. This way it provides way to reach to your content from a single point.

It's a matter of time, no sooner till the existing technologies matures with open standards in place that we can realize the semantic change in how WE(b)~INTERACT(ion).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

KNOWLEDGE is too Personal to share?

Mood is defined by the state of mind, that in turn by feelings harnessed or imposed by other from day to day experience.
Fundamental of all of it is the deepest desire to share, to talk and to listen to someone, anyone infact! And that only matters at the end of the day.The root cause of any problem is that one find himself alone in crowd.
There arises the question, can a person persist in its mental health without socializing, without sharing its feeling. He needs to cater some means to puke it out!
The feeling of getting acknowledged for something is the deeply desired by the virtue and can't be argued, if he's not a saint!
KNOWLEDGE opens that door, how it can be too personal to not share it! What really motivates people to share?
Above all they are these motivation factors that encourage collaboration and participation in a group activity.
Motive is SELFISH term in the core of its heart. Motives such as Desire/Hunger for fame...Feeling of identification within community...Urge to have Fun...Desires to share experiences, knowledge with friends...Compensation for their work...Reputation building...Team spirit...Community identification.
In nutshell, its ACKNOWLEDGMENT of HIMSELF! where Acknowledgment is the DESIRE, HIMSELF is the reason.
On the other hand, MOTIVE is ALTRUIST term in the action for a cause!

Friday, October 3, 2008


If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is no barking dog to be tethered on a 1-foot chain.
~ Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno

FREE as in FREEDOM, not referring to the book of Richard Stallman's but his philosophy. What really that FREE does mean to all of us? For some, its free in terms of cost (those who do not understand the FREE as in FREEDOM), for some its freedom to modify, re-distribute the CODE!

That was the beginning and people started talking or at least they were heard after the loud silence and the effect was profound. Altruist argued other implications of FREE as in FREEDOM. Philosophers have long debated the topic of FREEDOM related to spirituality and argued about who is literally Free as in FREEDOM. What kind of freedom they were talking about!

Its enormous popularity have radioactive effect on the grey cells which evolved in a new breed of homo sapiens; confused, inspired. How and why that change occured!

Open Source, Open Content, Open ID, Open Hardware, Open Standards, Open Business... open..ope...op..en...Open Economy! It creates a powerful impression and has virulent effect..that word! They speak on common terms for different things and in different ways...though on the economic aspect it has been long debated but its only after the successful OpenSource movement it became apparent. Remove that...that word and it leaves behind the source, the content, the hands of individual entity. What does that implies!

When all people talk the same language are we left with any choice to talk in none other than their language...Does it leave us FREE as in FREEDOM...its the most dangerously constructive movement. But the apprehension is hypothetical and have no substance, its like talking about all people in the world being GOOD, a peaceful world with no wars, no pollution, no EVIL! But, How far will it go!

...ignorance was the cause, resistance was the effect...because its inherent! implies collaboration, convergence...because its the most altruist way to do things! can go as far as the equilibrium stage and not beyond that...because after that its the reversal of the roles!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

- Mahatma Gandhi
It make sense now!