Saturday, October 11, 2008

Empowered Individual is the real asset!

I STRONGLY believe that that instead of putting weight on content commercialization for educational purpose (school, universities, corporates), create talent pool through knowledge transfer. Empowered Individual is the real asset!
Many e-Learning firms are sprouting and building there business on selling content at premium prices. It's similar to the scenario of proprietary and open source software. When software industry has build successful businesses around open source software, replicating it in e-Learning industry may not be a big challenge, that software industry has faced initially; but it won't be a piece of cake either. On the other hand, it can me more daunting in finding ways in generating revenue.
In general, their revenue model is based on the value added services like packaging, support and consulting and not through licensing their software. There's an exception in case of dual licensing.
Q. How can the same can be replicated for e-Learning industry?
Q. What kind of value added service can be developed for content creation and distribution?

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