Saturday, October 4, 2008

KNOWLEDGE is too Personal to share?

Mood is defined by the state of mind, that in turn by feelings harnessed or imposed by other from day to day experience.
Fundamental of all of it is the deepest desire to share, to talk and to listen to someone, anyone infact! And that only matters at the end of the day.The root cause of any problem is that one find himself alone in crowd.
There arises the question, can a person persist in its mental health without socializing, without sharing its feeling. He needs to cater some means to puke it out!
The feeling of getting acknowledged for something is the deeply desired by the virtue and can't be argued, if he's not a saint!
KNOWLEDGE opens that door, how it can be too personal to not share it! What really motivates people to share?
Above all they are these motivation factors that encourage collaboration and participation in a group activity.
Motive is SELFISH term in the core of its heart. Motives such as Desire/Hunger for fame...Feeling of identification within community...Urge to have Fun...Desires to share experiences, knowledge with friends...Compensation for their work...Reputation building...Team spirit...Community identification.
In nutshell, its ACKNOWLEDGMENT of HIMSELF! where Acknowledgment is the DESIRE, HIMSELF is the reason.
On the other hand, MOTIVE is ALTRUIST term in the action for a cause!


rakesh said...

sounds philosphical dude :) keep going !

Bhaskar said...

thanks rakesh :)soon will come up with tech blog