Sunday, October 19, 2008

WHY? entrepreneurs exists... threat or boon?

I ask this question to myself; a thought flashed, piercing the silence and peace of my mind. Contradictions and contrasts, I don't ask to agree with it or even read it. It's for ME...this voice that drives the ego and the internal combustion engine is the reason this bread of species exits. It's not early to come to this conclusion; it is inconvincible.
There is this person who is trying to earn his bread and butter by whatever means he can. He wants to survive and reproduce. Is there any other reason... he's of no good! he should be damned, he's selfish; the other guys said in the crowd. An old man came forward, replied to the crowd, by doing so he's solving social problems, providing you employment and in the process earning for himself and his family. All were convinced by the wisdom of this old man, and understood the reason behind such an endeavor as social causes.
Business is not just about making MONEY. It's more or less about HIS Values that HE brings to HIS business, about HIS belief and principles, that are rational and personal; and may NOT represent the crowd and he don't want to get convinced by any such reason given by the old man. It all make no sense to him!
Ask this question to that guy, why he wants to do a job? Why he want to service for that big brand that he takes pride in calling himself being associated with it, and saying...I work for...! What he stands for? For whom he is really working for? Don't you get it, he's offered a handsome amount of offer by other BIG BROTHER, now, what makes him stick to his job or leave for this offer. We don't question this behavior where it's understood he should be with the well flourishing company and with highly paid offer. Why than they are questioned when they provide the pink slip? It's the relationship well understood but poorly acknowledged as a society.
Here, a person is an individual representing his enterprise. He's a part of society, which works for this person. The person should be obliged to hire them for work as it has provided an opportunity to grow as an enterprise; what if everyone in the society goes to represent himself as an enterprise! It is this cost he should pay back by being benevolent.
When he pronounce it and make it loud and clear about the reason of his existence, it's condemned by the group as anti-social. But, same act by a society is said as cultural shift.
HE EXISTS for HIMSELF, similar to that guy leaving his company for other big offer! We don't ask for the reasons where it's obvious. BUT, raise eyebrow over his individual judgment, that was followed in obedience. He suddenly becomes threat to them when he was boon to them few moments back.
"Altruism is the most dangerous weapon and it is somehow connected to Open economy and standards. It's NOT monopoly of a greedy entrepreneur or communist to be afraid off, but of selfless motives of altruist who takes no credit for his work!"
- Bhaskar Mangal

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